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The Photo Gallery Section has many images of Landmarks, Landscapes, Coastal Sunsets and Coastal Scenes, Skyscapes and Cloudscapes, Park and Trail scenes, and abstracted impressionist images from Northern California, with most from the San Francisco Bay Region. Many of the images are actually digital paintings based on original photographs. Giclée prints using wide gamut archival inks and papers. Hand singed limited editions and less expensive initialed editions. Image and paper sizes vary.

Coastal Sunsets Gallery 14

The Abstract Print Gallery offers a collection of prints originally created as ‘Mono Print’ paintings using oil paints on copper and Plexiglas plates that were transferred to paper using an etching press. This technique creates unique texture and color effects. Those originals have become signed limited edition high fidelity Giclée prints, using museum quality archival inks and papers. Many are also available in less expensive initialed Giclée editions using the same inks on very high quality fine art papers. Sizes vary.

etching gallery

The Etching Gallery is a portfolio of original copper plate etchings in signed and numbered limited editions. Many of the Images are landscape, with barns and interesting trees. The etchings are classic monochrome line prints, though many are also hand colored. The original etchings are all printed on Museum Quality Pure Rag Archival Papers. Most are also available as less expensive initialed Giclée reproductions, printed with archival inks on fine art papers. Image and paper sizes vary from small thumbnails to large formats.



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