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An etching is a print made from an image originally drawn on and etched into a copper plate. By hand, the plate is covered with special inks that fill the recessed etched area and removed from the surface, leaving ink in the etched lines, and possibly a thin film of ink on the un-etched surface. The paper is placed on the inked plate and both are mated together by cranking them through a high pressure hand operated etching press. The whole process is complex and basically unchanged since its origins in the 16th century.

Etchings generally exist as editions—multiple impressions can be taken from a single plate, though the inking and printing of the paper is done individually for each print.

A classic etching is of one color, and generally using line to create the image. Modern works are often multiple colors, may employ other texture technics, and/or may be hand colored after the print is struck.

Many of my etchings are prints available both as monochrome line prints and hand colored etchings. There are a few original prints of each edition still available, while all are available as high quality Giclée prints in two formats. Economical initialed prints on high quality paper, and slightly more expensive versions signed and printed on 100% Rag Museum Quality Etching Paper. Both are suitable for framing. The 100% Rag paper has a slightly rough texture. The initialed versions are on a smoother paper finish, which is also of archival quality.

All prints are hand signed or initialed, and include a hand signed certificate of authenticity.

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