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The History of the Trout Farm Inn


The Trout Farm Inn has evolved over the past 100 years into the very special place it is today.


The original bar and gaming room was built across Zayante Creek on the land of the old trout hatchery which lies in the center of this acreage. A series of ponds follows the creek bordering either side of the old hatchery building. Some of them are in disrepair following the floods and earthquakes of the 1980's, but the main pond that can be viewed from our deck and dining rooms remains the oldest commercial trout fishing pond in California. Early tourists from the Bay Area came by train which ran along the front of the restaurant stopping at Olympia Station as far back as 1903 to fish for rainbow trout in the ponds.

In 1942 the bar was moved to its current location and Bill Fischer and his mother purchased it in 1946 from Austin and Jackie Berry. In 1955 he began a small dining room where one could get a steak, trout or chicken dinner for $1.95 while 'Ma' Fischer managed the trout ponds. The lounge was later extended in 1956 and 1958. The Trout Farm in the 40's and 50's served as an Inn providing overnight accommodations located where the swimming pool now lies. As tourism shifted in the Valley, Bill kept up with the times by building a modern swimming pool – moving the cabins creekside to become permanent rental units.

Several owners followed Bill and his partner Bob. In early 2005, the stewardship of this landmark passed to Penny Siler and John Heibel, who continue as the current proprietors of the Trout Farm Inn.

Everyday we have the pleasure of meeting customers who exclaim, "I caught my first fish here 20, 30 or 40 years ago," or "I spent every weekend in that pool." It is this history of family gatherings, reunions, wedding parties – firsts in people's lives – that make the Trout Farm a special place.

Come join us in building memories for your family! Enjoy great food, fishing and family recreation in a truly unique and relaxing setting.